Educational Yet Funny: EconFunnies & 2008 in Cartoonz

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Found the greatest resource for edu-tainment recently, host site for an awesome funnies. This well written 17 page comic book can be downloaded as a pdf, or viewed in adobe flash. I strongly advocate using this to spread the word and to give a greenish overview to the great economics swindle.

This is my favorite page from this work:

The site also lists the two artists featured in the 2008 retrospective below. I’ve been thinking of doing a retrospective of the untold stories of the year, this should serve to soften you up first.

2008 seen through Horsey and Wasserman:

David Horsey at the Seattle Post Intelligencer has a great set about the economic swindle. Click on “Economic Meltdown” gallery @

A few of the following are thanks to Dan Wasserman @


Got It

How did that happen? same way as all the other torches we carry today:

The Lobby

Money Machine


Bad Mortgage

What else does our wonderful lobby buy us?

Gaza High Ground

No! I mean us here, in the US:




Doctors See



Wilderness Living

I think proper insurance and info industry regulation would limit the last two, are they the lobby’s fault?
Well, these are certainly impacted by the purchase of legislature’s responsibilities:

Ma Earth


Big Pig

Bigger Pig

Being Better Off

So, what are we going to do about it?

Golden Calf Sale

Bad Hair Day

vote green


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