Is Money Speech? Do Corporations Need Human Rights? Amend The Constitution!!!

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Liberty Tree's effort to amend the constitution to protect human speech.

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Public Citizen's petition, and a link to easily send your opinion to Congress:

After Downing Street's effort to amend the constitution to protect human speech,
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Another page to send your objection on this to Congress:

This group wants to help you tell Congress to pass The Fair Elections Now Act,
which they seem to think will fix this problem, it sure couldn't hurt:

One Million Strong for the Separation of Corporation and State

Find much more info and history about corporate personhood:

“I hope we shall… crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and to bid defiance to the laws of our country.”

~ Thomas Jefferson, letter to George Logan. November 12, 1816

This has been a long time coming, we have for far too long been beholden to the misreporting of a court recorder on this very important issue. The 14th amendment was intended to apply to humans, such rights never were intended to be applied to corporations.
These immortal social machines must be seen as potential monsters which are inherently dangerous to humans' rights, not seen as humans with rights. The insistence by recent courts that money is speech is similarly spurious, transparently insane, and extremely dangerous to living beings. We must move beyond both of these travesties if we are to have a world where complex living beings have a chance to survive for purposes that do not serve profits.
Ultimately money and corporations are abstractions of the human social order and they should not have obtained the domination of life on Earth that they already have. By whatever means necessary we must defend the ability of life to continue evolution beyond the reign of imaginary machines.
These imaginary constructs will become increasingly embodied in robot and computer intelligence and thus more independent of beings that have life as we have known it to date.  We are in a time when we must choose whether the machines are to become more human means of fulfillment for the living or if life itself is to become a mere cog in the machine.
Defining human rights as money, and as belonging to corporations, is a recipe for nothing but continued acceleration of the rates of extinction of species and changing of climate, which have already begun to make the lives of many humans precarious, and will continue to get more and more unsustainable in terms of large mammal specie's survival. We are already losing species at the rate of several hundred a day. Humans need other species, and we need species to have rights, much more than we need corporations to have rights.

“Today the business once transacted by individuals in every community is in the control of corporations, and many of the men who once conducted an independent business are gathered into the organization, and all personal identity, and all individualities lost. Each man has become a mere cog in one of the wheels of a complicated mechanism. It is the business of the corporations to get money. It exacts but one thing of its employees: Obedience to orders. It cares not about their relations to the community, the church, society, or the family. It wants full hours and faithful service, and when they die, wear out or are discharged, it quickly replaces them with new material.

The corporation is a machine for making money, but it reduces men to the insignificance of mere numerical figures, as certainly as the private ranks of the regular army.

~ Fighting Bob La Follette, speech on the Dangers Threatening Representative Government, Mineral Point, Wisconsin, July 4, 1897

As though we must always eternally be at war against each other to win forth on the glorious field of money for all that matters is accumulating abstract measures of wealth amongst those who already can not even begin to spend it all without dictating the lives of many others.

monte letourneau


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