Call Out For State Platform Liaisons & Reporting In For All Who May Already Be, Or Be Willing to Be, Liaison

With our new two year cycle it will soon be time to address new proposals that are too late for the Feb 15th deadline.

Next year we will be accepting new proposals, 
So state parties have only one year left to do a good job proposing amendments for next cycle.

Even with this deadline so close, it is still more important to me to build a list of state liaisons.

Liaisons will contact and list those interested in helping write or amend amendment proposals, 
so that proposals can be brought to the table, and negotiated, in a more timely and effective way next cycle.
We need at least one member in each state party to be PlatCom Liaison 
[each member state must have at least one "delegate" to the Platform amendment process in order to be effectively represented 
(representation of a caucus, committee, or non member state, is at the very least available through a supportive member state)].

Liaisons will need to keep record of those interested in drafting proposals from their state 
and those with authoritative experience consulted by the state party, 
shepherd the proposal through the process,
and negotiate in behalf of their state's proposals.

The only requirement for a liaison is 
that the state party find a way to trust them with it's representation
and interest them in the work.

We are working now to identify which states still need liaisons, and to list those who are liaisons,
so we can help individuals with an interest to find out who they need to be working with.

If you or someone you know has an interest in drafting a proposal and do not know your liaison,
it is at this point likely it should be you.

By the end of 2010 every NC delegate, state steering person, and person interested in amending the Platform, 
should know who their state liaison(s) is.

Becoming, or finding, a liaison is more important than proposing an amendment, at least for this cycle.
I expect to focus my efforts on this for the rest of this cycle,

So it seems I am your "go to" for any questions, names, or ideas (@ ).

In only one year we will already be open for submissions again.

This cycle our schedule is compressed, and there is not much time for each step.
Next year the process will be open to input for a much longer time.

Hopefully next time some amendment proposals and liaison infrastructure will be ready ahead of time,
and we then can have some real fun hammering out, in a more widely participated in environment,
an even more awesomer document for the POTUS delegates to vote on.

If you are under the impression you may be your state's go to on platform proposals,
or if you think you know who it should be, please contact me, (@ ),
or someone like Holly Hart, also on the committee, who can fwd you to me.

As soon we get a preliminary list it will go up on PlatCom's site somewhere prominent i'm sure.

Please help put this call out to your state party members whenever possible.

in service, monte letourneau – WIGP CC, GPUS NC Delegate
also@ &


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