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sm BeIt

February 21, 2010


Be It

February 21, 2010

X-Mas 2009 – from my niece Alex’s Facebook

February 20, 2010

My Dad & I;
Myself, his step-sister's boyfriend, my "ex" bro-inLaw Mark Sarvela;

Join Facebook group: Facebook Gold is a Scam

February 20, 2010

The Facebook gold group(s) simply encourage you to send an invite to everyone,
by making it very easy with a little script you paste in the address bar,
then it sends you to a cheesy IQ test which requires you to sign up for a cheesy phone text trivia game, 
and then again, repeat probably as long as you are up to it.

Luckily, it was easy to get off the subscription by texting "stop" in reply.
Don't send this to your friends like i did, it probably changes up every day.

Seeking Electronic Campfires Consensually

February 18, 2010

Currently i still feel many of us are "talking" past each other, 
but we are consistently increasingly on the same page.

I still have a sense that the vast majority of the GPUS basically agrees on how to do things,
down to the content of the platform by and large, 
and trust that the NC will find a way to articulate that in voting for good proposals.

As i have come to see the NC, as it currently is, as un-poll-able,
excepting putting a proposal in que for formal vote,
i come increasingly to believe many votes should fail, 
and many more should be tuned up and brought back around frequently,
in one form or another, until we have found something 
approaching (albeit barely) optimum.

Unfortunately, in a personal sense i seldom vote against the imperfect,
and prefer to vote for what i believe is considered near consensus.

The rise of hierarchy is due to the fact 
that consensus does not work well on the battlefield.

In this era the battlefield is an electronic one, 
supporting broad consensus and more diverse and distributed visions and decisions.

We can build the tools to embody such self governance in GPUS bodies,
we can proof them out and graft them onto US "democracy" as law,
when it gets us elected…

While we do, the corps(es) will be building similar toolage,
people will more frequently expect to join in governance council,
in the "private" sphere.

None of this will change the core dynamic of consensus.

No matter who he is, or what he has done,
Sitting Bull must still go sit for days at the fire of Red Cloud's clan 
many times before he is ready to call for Grand Council.

One must work out the issues between one's clan and any others,
and eliminate faction and discord in the nation,
then find the favored plan and means of major clans and elders,
then work to forge a plan that all can consent to.

Then one goes to council with one's nation.

Lacking leisurely time to react to the changes we have wrought,
we at this point can only be jealous of the ancient practices,
before kings, priests, soldiers, and guns.

Telephones, TV, Radio, the papers,
we have become inured to the idea that mass media 
is either one on one, or one to many.

The email list is no camp fire, we must find better ways,
but until we do, any elder must still go to the camp of his competitor,
and find a way to caress his ear with what he wants to hear.

However, we do increasingly have the means to create the electronic clan fire, 
and we do not have much time to do it.

We all know this, but as individuals we all keep forgetting.

The process as we have come to expect it is unwieldy, 
and we are far from helpless to fix it.

Until then, patience will remain it's own reward in these matters.

Easy = True

February 4, 2010

Easy = True; how your brain really thinks

How ‘cognitive fluency’ shapes what we believe, how we invest, and who will become a supermodel