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Sam Harris TEDTalk

July 16, 2010


Sam Harris – TEDTalk

July 16, 2010

Sam Harris – TEDTalk

Daily Inbox 10 7 15

July 16, 2010

Join MonDraksee (that’s me) at, Age II server/world na20

July 15, 2010

Play a Lord in this free Medieval       

town-building game and we can 
help each other out.

I also play, Team Earth,
on Eastern US server, as MontDragonseek.

If you try either of these free games,
let me know. As a veteran of both i 
can give great advice about 
getting started well without laying out
any actual cash.

There's some really good advice @ 
especially the comment by Estus.

Coercion Theory

July 8, 2010

a. Avoid getting angry
b. Don't lecture or go into lengthy reasoning
c. Make no statements that can't be followed through
d. Give repeated warnings

Because I work with pre-school age children
finding out how to get out of this loop is invaluable.
Less words mean more time to do positive things.

JR Penny

Calling all GREENS we need you now!

July 6, 2010

Hello Greens!
This is your chance to get involved and really
feel like you're part of democracy!
We need everyone to pitch in and help get
Pete Karas on the ballot for Secretary of State.
There are only 7 days left!

Signatures are due in Madison
at 5 pm next Tues. July 13.

Nomination paper for Pete Karas can be downloaded @:
(also attached to top story at

It doesn't look good, but think about the reality.
I got about 170 yesterday at the park where the
"4th" celebration was going on.
if only 25 more people just fill 10 pages…
We need more than the minimum 2000
since we know some signatures will be rejected.

Please do your part-
if you can fill 1/2 a page, good.
1 page better, 10 pages Great!
Think about any place there is a gathering of people-
free music festivals, fairs, church celebrations,
concessions stand at the beach-
especially where people waiting in a line-
nothing else to do but help get a GREEN PARTY
candidate on the ballot, right?

Ruth recommended bus stops,
but make sure there's time before the bus comes.

Thanks! Remember – before you turn the sheets in,
please look them over carefully
and make sure they are complete.
We are allowed to correct the date
(make sure the year is correct) and
fill in if they left out the municipality.
The more valid signatures you turn in,
the more likely we are to see PETE KARAS
on the ballot in November.
If we get Pete on the ballot,
we have a good chance of getting the votes we need
to keep our ballot status-
that means we'll keep our Blue Book listing too!

Do the best you can, but DO SOMETHING! Thanks everybody!

Barb Eisenberg, CoChair, Greater Milwaukee Green Party


July 3, 2010

The ancient "atheist" materialist philosophy from India is known only by it's detractors,
as "Gnostic" schools were until recently.

Like the Nag Hammadi, these words are much more aligned with my view of the Allness. 

As i've said before, my school is one of a very hard core purely literal materialism.

The spirit and the thing are not at all identical, they are simply one.ārvāka

That the pleasure arising to man from contact with sensible objects,
is to be relinquished because accompanied by pain—
such is the reasoning of fools.
The kernels of the paddy, rich with finest white grains, 

what man, 

seeking his own true interest, would fling them away,
because of a covering of husk and dust?

The Agnihotra, the three Vedas, the ascetic's three staves, and smearing oneself with ashes —
Brihaspati says, these are but means of livelihood for those who have no manliness nor sense.

In this school there are four elements, earth, water, fire and air;
and from these four elements alone is intelligence produced —
just like the intoxicating power from kinwa &c, mixed together;
since in "I am fat", "I am lean", these attributes abide in the same subject,
and since fatness, &c, reside only in the body, it alone is the soul and no other,
and such phrases as "my body" are only significant metaphorically.

If a beast slain in the Jyothishtoma rite will itself go to heaven,
why then does not the sacrificer forthwith offer his own father?

If the Sraddha produces gratification to beings who are dead,
then why not give food down below to those who are standing on the house-top?

If he who departs from the body goes to another world,
how is it that he come not back again, restless for love of his kindred?

Hence it is only as a means of livelihood that Brahmans have established here
all these ceremonies for the dead, — there is no other fruit anywhere.

The three authors of the Vedas were buffoons, knaves, and demons.

All the well-known formulae of the pandits, jarphari, turphari, etc.
and all the obscene rites for the queen commanded in Aswamedha,
these were invented by buffoons, and so all the various kinds of presents to the priests,
while the eating of flesh was similarly commanded by night-prowling demons.

Fire is hot, water cold,
refreshingly cool is the breeze of morning;
By whom came this variety?
They were born of their own nature.

Springing forth from these elements itself
solid knowledge is destroyed when they are destroyed—
after death no intelligence remains.

While life remains, let a man live happily,
let him feed on butter though he runs in debt;
When once the body becomes ashes,
how can it ever return again?