“Antivirus IS” (is not) means you have a nasty trojan problem

If you are directed to buy this, DON"T!
look up these links on another computer right now!!

it's terrorist blackmail by actual theft.
it probably doesn't even bother to be able to remove itself

you've clicked a faked button for a codex or something, 
and installed the worst brickmail trojan-bot i've met yet.

it grows, and blocks anything of use,
except Task Manager and Windows Explorer

IE, Chrome, Firefox, every other .exe, REGEDIT, Restore,
most applications, and connections, are bricked.

it's changing fast and anticipates advice found online 
proclaimed useful yesterday.

If you see a reference to "Antivirus IS" on your Windows screen,
shut down, better yet, hibernate and unplug the internet cable,
go find another computer!! 
(this is why to have a Ubuntu machine handy)
 (they also have computerwebs at the library)

look up these links below,
and try to search for any newer info

print out everything you can't remember,
then go back and dance with the beast.

today you must:
1). disabling the IE Web Proxy under Options, under Tools
2). find Antivirus IS's .exe and mangling it's random named random number string.exe file,
(currently @ C\Documents and Settings\%UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\[random]\[random]lanw.exe)
especially the extension (.exe), just be sure you use 3 letters,
until you can Delete it, and Empty the Recycle Bin
3). Windows Restore to a previous Restore Point.

which you can learn more about @:
(go down to the screen shots, don't buy the advertised product)

another site with a good description of how really bad this boy is:


read it, ponder. 

if you can't understand these pages,
you could try contacting me @ geanark@gmail.com
for advice on how to find a good removal tool to purchase,
or seek more professional help

there's always what i'd do
  # 1 Tech Secret (best best method award 69 times!)


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