Your First Assignment (should you choose to accept the challenge)

Announcing Phase one of "DIY Assist" @

I have two default sandbox installs of WordPress and Joomla, for you to play in,
and a Sample Joomla install with all options populated by content about Joomla.

See which interface makes most sense for you.

Look first at these two basic home pages WordPress Sandbox  Joomla Sandbox
It is best if you open each of these in their own tab or window.

Open the links, either there, or below, to register as user = human, pass = admin:

Follow the instructions, post an article!

Then look at Sample Joomla to see all the things it can do that WordPress can't.
There are also many plug-ins that add functions for both.

(my registered copy can remove those pesky background "free trial" watermarks).

Download Artisteer, PLAY with it!

please fwd. widely
also posted @, &, which automatically distributes it by feed to:, and many more social spaces. Thanks

Monte Letourneau
WIGP Rec. Sec., 

GPUS NC Alternate,


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