Actual Proof of Extra-Terrestrial Life; Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites

This could well be the most profoundly world changing paper of our lifetimes 
let's hope it helps bring enough unity of purpose to the human community 
to survive our own consequences.

It has already changed the way that the most important and controversial 
findings are vetted, every thing about info is steadily becoming 
more democratic or participatory, in this case many many experts 
have been asked to weigh in, and the paper has been made public, 
before "publication in an accredited journal".

Richard B. Hoover not only makes a solid case for his interpretation of the fossils, 
he collects together, many previously "suspicious" bio markers, 
in many meteors, including metabolites of chlorophyll.

For some time i have wondered how the very existence of 
"Carbonaceous Meteorites" did not have more resonance 
during the course of the last century and a half, 
even before extremophiles were observed.

With this many supporting meteors, 
I find it very unlikely that the asteroids are not our former sister living planet.
An instructional lesson in the scale of possible disasters out there.

It now seems very likely that there is life deep in the crust of Mars, 
and on other bodies in our solar system, 
even if they all descend from earthly hydrothermal vents,
like it increasingly seems we do ourselves.

It is possible these meteors are extra solar, 
not from the asteroids at all, but i doubt it,
though i do not have the expertise to judge,
or even guess at, relevant statistics.

I find it intriguing that Earth's vents may well have received life 
in the same way, many extremophiles are in theory able to survive, 
as spores, for some time, even in the environment of space.

At the link above, below the following, is the entire paper by Richard B. Hoover.

Fossils of Cyanobacteria in CI1 Carbonaceous Meteorites 
Richard B. Hoover, Ph.D. NASA/Marshall Space Flight Center



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