Try Mid-Game Dark Orbit Premium for next 3 Weeks Only

I really souped these Dark Orbit ships up, then let them moth ball.
Now the following ships have free premium service for a month, from the dates listed below.
Repairs (lives) are free, cargo holds are larger, and prices are cheaper for premium players.

Take advantage of the free lives to play Dark Orbit with all the minimum recommended equipment.

The password for the following ships is "bearclan", user names in quotation marks:

Jun 11 – 4th lvl "DaoDragAnark"      Easiest – strong shield, 5-way rocket launcher. low level advantages
May 30 – 6th lvl "OsoDeOro63"        Easy – strong shield, 5-way launcher, can still gather on first map
Jun 10 – 8th lvl "AncienDragon"       Most powerful – but no low level advantages on the first map.

May 30 – 8th lvl "OsoDeOroX"         Hard – weak shield, only 3-way launcher
Jun 11 – 4th lvl "DaoDragAnarkUs"   Weakest – weak shield, no auto rocket launcher
May 28 – 7th lvl "SturmBolzn"          Hardest – manual rockets only
I recommend AncienDragon, but DaoDragAnark is more fun.
Sturmblozn, is, of course, more of a challenge.

The first three have an expensive shield, the only shields really worth having.
Mixing different types of shields dilutes the strength of the best ones.

Low level ships get to see where enemies are on the first map,
higher levels do not get full credit for materials found there.

Find the Config. Change button! (key "c") use the same shield(s) twice.

Dark Orbit

Speak first and claim one if you want to change the name and password to make it yours.

Passwords only remain "bearclan" until a month from the date listed,
after that the first 3 will probably change.

I will continue to log onto these ships to upgrade the engines and ammo with promerium and seprom,
and will continue to make and sell shipments and buy equipments.

Dark Orbit

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