As we automate more and more of our machinery,

our cultural machines become less and less optional.
Our participation as a cog serving the machine is less and less a matter of choice.

The arrival of microbot spys implies we may soon be mere human machinery,
at the same time when we are learning how to build more human machines.

As we learn to read evolution enough to write the code of a human immortality,
we are burning down the library evolved to make sense of it.

As we discover more and more methods of reading the state of a mind,
we discover most of them are actually read/write.

Shall we settle then for the imposition of a centralized machine dictat, in exchange for a machine's immortality?
As opposed to a garden designed for biologically driven sustenance and immortality?

I say no.
I say the stakes can not ever be higher than here now.

It is not the corporate state fascism we must concern ourselves with here,
it is the emergence of one centralized authority,
a machine of a planet with no mind at all.

We cannot wait until the future to decide our future,
the future is here now, and you must CHOOSE.

Heaven? or Hell?
Is this a just big clockwork orange?
or have you freewill? or spirit?


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