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Guardian; Occupy Wall Street: the protesters speak

September 30, 2011
This is a pretty good attempt at letting the protesters speak for themselves and is recommended on Occupation sites.

Monte Letourneau, WIGP Rec. Sec.


[Wisconsin Green Party] Tomorrow (Friday) morning, tony palmer will be…

September 30, 2011

Ron Hardy posted in Wisconsin Green Party (on Facebook).

Tomorrow (Friday) morning, tony palmer will be...
Ron Hardy 8:40pm Sep 29
Tomorrow (Friday) morning, tony palmer will be the "liberal" guest on Joy Cardin's "Week in Review" on Wisconsin public radio at 8 a.m. Tony is a green party member from Oshkosh, two term city councilor and former deputy mayor, and 2004 green party candidate for state assembly and 2011 candidate for mayor. He is a great speaker, I encourage you to listen in tomorrow morning.

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Lively Discussion @ “Green Party Global / National Issues Discussion” Facebook Group

September 19, 2011

Frequent quality postings and comments @

Monte Letourneau, WIGP Rec. Sec.,

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“This Is Not Class Warfare. It’s Math.” Obama Makes My Great Quotes List

September 19, 2011

More in my great quotes series, coming soon.

Hosting $2.95 a Month @ Dot5Hosting (My Current Host)

September 19, 2011


This is the second time in three weeks I have been offered this rate for new accounts.

Dot5 has more options and services than most hosts, and the support is pretty great.
This is the best deal I have ever seen in 6 years of studying the field.

I still have at least 8 site spaces (URLs) to spare on my account (unlimited for new accounts),
so, for anyone already working with me, it is not that big a deal for at least the next year,
but it would be a good investment in the future.
The future will also probably continue to include better options and falling prices.

It's hard not to want to share such an awesome deal.

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Direct Link for Commenting on Wolf Policy

September 18, 2011!submitComment;D=FWS-R3-ES-2011-0029-0674

please click this link and make a public comment about the decision to de-list the wolf b4 Sept. 26.
You may copy my effort below, adapt it, or write your own; a list of ten reasons to keep wolves can be found here.

"Wolves are very important to maintaining proper population levels for many other species,  among both predators and prey. Their presence is important in the health of ecosystems in which they are present and there are far too few wolves in most of their range. Humans will always have a growing problem with coyote overpopulation, and other predator imbalances, as long as the wolves are missing from the equation. Across much of the former range of wolves, coyotes are becoming bigger to take advantage of the vacancies in wolves' niches.
The presence of wolves helps stabilize countless animal populations and the populations of plants they depend upon. Less wolves means more over grazing and larger populations of more opportunistic 'predators', like coyotes and black bears. Some other predators, such as the lynx rely on wolves to reduce competition by these more opportunistic species, by also competing for similar resources.
Wolves are essential to maintaining wildness, and by themselves are a substantial motive for tourism. The costs of wolves to our economy are far outweighed by the known profits, and there are many benefits that have not been tallied at all."

Monte Letourneau

Wolfs need your comment to U.S. Fish & Wildlife by Sept. 26

September 18, 2011

Madravenspeak Column # 19 Wolves.doc Download this file  The link to submit a comment for the wolf is in this column.

Today's column is about the wolf.  The DNR and hunting lobby (Wisconsin Wildlife Federation) have been lobbying Salazar to delist our 800 wolves for state "management" of an elite trophy slaughter.  They have gathered almost 37,000 petition signatures to delist and kill our wolves.  The hunting lobby at the last election (a PUBLIC election held annually for ALL citizens but primarily attended by hunters and trappers) voted to kill 450 of our 800 wolves (maybe 800 – very hard to tally especially with illegal kills). The Center for Biological Diversity has filed a lawsuit proposing the need for a 48 state plan for real wolf recovery since wolves only inhabit 5% of their former range. Wolves need large core areas of PROTECTED from man habitat connected by corridors for migration and genetic diversity.
Please watch the video in the column as it is quite beautiful.  Also I give you the link to the entire documentary The Wolf Who Changed America about Seton and Lobo.
PLEASE COMMENT at the link given in my column.  The Green Bay office of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service assured me this is a federal, not state, decision and that 37,000 people saying "WE LIKE TO KILL WOLVES" counts pretty much as one comment – and the diversity of scientific arguments will each count as additional comments.  So please make the best argument you can. 
 Amongst talking points are:
 – the unique role played by wolves in balancing ecosystems, competing with coyotes
– the essential role of strengthening prey animal behavioral response, and genetic improvement of herds
– Wolves on average take about 16 deer a year each – so if we had as many wolves in the state as bears, we would not "need" hunters at all – there is the rub
– Wolves rarely if ever attack humans and of course know we are a dangerous and unpredictable nonsensical species who kills for no reason at all
-Wolves only cover 5% of their range in a hodge podge of hunter designed state agency plans
-Wolves are under shoot shovel and shut-up illegal attack taking significant portions of small populations – Joel Trick in Green Bay office of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service said a very low estimate of Wisconsin's illegal kill of wolves is 100 wolves – so 12% of the population – probably as much as 20%
– Wolves have strong family packs and loyalties…disrupting those packs with violence may have short and long term unknown consequences on dispersal, wolf predation and behavior
– Wolves are highly intelligent, sentient beings in tune with their environment
– Wolves can SMELL elderly, weak, or injured prey animals and take the easier prey targets which strengthen the web of life, and may actually put some starving or hunt-injured animal out of his or her misery more quickly than a slow winter death.
– Recently it has been discovered that there may be TWO species of wolves in Wisconsin.  It is unsettled science whether there are two species, a hybrid that is not actually species category or what?  As long as that it is unsettled – or if there are two – there should be no hunt and it should affect the wolf plans
– Hunters who control state agencies have designed plans for wolf numbers that are appallingly low and inadequate (for self interest).
– Real wolf recovery requires large core areas of protected habitat, corridors for migration, and as natural numbers of wolves as possible. 
-Education is key to changing outdated demonization of wolves as "competitors" to human hunters, as cattle killers, as a danger to humans – all really inaccurate mythology – so the need for public education by state agencies
– We need the wolf to have a 48 state plan for real recovery so that wolves migrating in and out of states are not subject to capricious cattle ranchers and wolf haters and their destruction of our commons.

Drunk Moose Stuck in Tree

September 18, 2011

The video shows an obviously still drunk young moose recovering and running down the block.
Video @ &
A moose eating fermented apples lost all restraint and wound up stuck in an apple tree. .. It got stuck and couldn’t move until rescuers cut some branches to allow the huge animal to move again. .. “I thought at first that someone was having a laugh. Then, I went over to take a look and spotted an elk stuck in an apple tree with only one leg left on the ground.”
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Monday, Madison NORML Drug Conference; Tuesday, Support Dana Beal in Dodgeville

September 18, 2011

Monday, September 19 · 6:00pm 9:00pm

The Goodman Center

149 Waubesa St.
Madison, WI

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011, Dana Beal of Cures Not Wars is facing sentencing for cannabis at the Iowa County Courthouse in Dodgeville WI at 1pm. A number of Dana's friends will be traveling to Wisconsin to support him at the sentencing hearing.

The evening before, Dana's friends will be sharing information on two of Dana's major lifetime causes, medical cannabis and ibogaine as a treatment for addiction.

With millions of Americans already legally using medical cannabis in the now 16 states and Washington DC where it is legal, it is a topic of great interest in Wisconsin. Rising rates of heroin and opiate addiction have pushed treatment options to the brink. Ibogaine offers a natural means to help cure addictions.

This forum presents national and international experts on both these topics.

Schedule of Events:

*6-7pm “Treating Addiction with Ibogaine”*

*Featuring: Marie Cotter (New Zealnd Activist and Ibogaine Expert) and other Ibogaine Experts*

*7-8pm: History of Medical Marijuana Movement*

*Featuring Experts from Numerous Medical Marijuana States: Ed Rosenthal and Dennis Peron (CA), Greg Francisco (MI), Dr. Bob Melamede (CO), and John Pilka (D.C.)*

*8-9pm: Q & A, Bring Cultivation Questions for Grow Experts Ed Rosenthal (formerly “Ask Ed” of High Times) and the rest*


September 17, 2011