Green Party, get ready for a mass influx of Dems

If you're hankering to see a mess of progressives, and recently former Dems, who are seriously looking at alternatives to voting for Obama, check out the comments on any one of many articles posted Sept. 2-3 at

These first two are defiantly rife with mentions of, and opportunities to mention, the Green Party; I commented profusely on the first one:

Obama's Ozone Decision: The Final Green Straw?
by Darren Goode

Obama's Laborious Labor Day
by Ralph Nader

Odds are you will find many more articles with comments expressing similar sentiments, the following might be a great place to start, the sentiments quoted below seemed much more common in the above articles:

Obama Administration Delays Life-Saving Smog Standards
by Frances Beinecke
"I'll vote for Palin (Perry) before Obama."

Today We Risk Arrest for Justice; Tomorrow We Organize for It
Letter from Young People at the Tar Sands Action
by Young Climate Activists
"No votes for any Democrat in the 2012 election, not a local or state or federal level. NO INCUMBENTS either. We've seen that trust got us."
"By the way I think voting for the Green Party candidate for president makes more sense than not voting."

I stressed organizing, voting, and, see what you can find to comment upon.


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