NY Times ect.; German Greens Striding, Worldwide Greens are Watching, Rising

Social Democrats, Greens, and Left Make Strides, Christian Democrats and National Democrats Down, as Free Democrats Take a Beating in Provincial Election; Merkel's Center Right Coalition also Precarious Over Bailout Tensions

Social Democrats, Left, and Greens take the wheel in richest province:
Social Democrats 35.7%, Christian Democrats 23.1%, Left 18.4%, Greens 8.4%, National Democrats 6%, Free Democrats 2.7% = 85.9% of a 51% turnout.

European Bailout Tensions Threaten German Coalition
Merkel Fights to Quell Rebellion as Mock Vote Shows 25 Lawmakers Oppose Legislation on Bigger Bailout Fund

Could Germany's Left Save The Euro (And Europe)? (Sept. 7)

…"we assume that Merkel's problems mean Germans don't like Europe. But if that were true, Merkel's losses would all be to the ultra-nationalistic far right, and in reality they're to her left, to those who embrace European integration."

Poll blow for Merkel's coalition partners (Sept. 6)
"The Greens were the big winners: a strong showing has brought them into the last state parliament where they were not represented."

Greens win elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (Sept. 5)
Bündnis '90/Die Grünen now represented in all the 16 German states

Merkel loses home state elections (Sept. 5)
Good video and an article.

State Election Adds to Gains by Social Democrats in Germany (Sept. 5)
Greens "defeated the Christian Democrats in March in the prosperous southwestern state of Baden-Württemberg, taking over the governing of a German state for the first time."
"The party’s loss of a string of regional elections over the past year has weakened Mrs. Merkel’s center-right government and its overall standing in the polls"

Merkel's CDU Suffers Setback in State Election
"The SPD's preferred partnership would be with the Greens, but the two parties only have 34 seats between them — just under the 36 seats required for a majority"

This article is widely reproduced by web media.
Greens Gain in Germany, and the World Takes Notice (Sept. 2)


"one in five voters now say they support the Greens"
This article also points out the rapid gains Green Parties have made worldwide in the last year, in Brazil, Columbia, Australia, and Sweden. Berlin has been hosting many Greens from Japan, Taiwan, Australia, and Sweden, who are eager to study what they can learn of German success.

Merkel Loses Key German State on Nuclear Fears (Mar. 27)

The Greens gain their first provincial majority on Merkel's home turf.

Big losses for Merkel in German state elections (Mar. 27)

Monte Letourneau


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