Direct Link for Commenting on Wolf Policy!submitComment;D=FWS-R3-ES-2011-0029-0674

please click this link and make a public comment about the decision to de-list the wolf b4 Sept. 26.
You may copy my effort below, adapt it, or write your own; a list of ten reasons to keep wolves can be found here.

"Wolves are very important to maintaining proper population levels for many other species,  among both predators and prey. Their presence is important in the health of ecosystems in which they are present and there are far too few wolves in most of their range. Humans will always have a growing problem with coyote overpopulation, and other predator imbalances, as long as the wolves are missing from the equation. Across much of the former range of wolves, coyotes are becoming bigger to take advantage of the vacancies in wolves' niches.
The presence of wolves helps stabilize countless animal populations and the populations of plants they depend upon. Less wolves means more over grazing and larger populations of more opportunistic 'predators', like coyotes and black bears. Some other predators, such as the lynx rely on wolves to reduce competition by these more opportunistic species, by also competing for similar resources.
Wolves are essential to maintaining wildness, and by themselves are a substantial motive for tourism. The costs of wolves to our economy are far outweighed by the known profits, and there are many benefits that have not been tallied at all."

Monte Letourneau


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