Monday, Madison NORML Drug Conference; Tuesday, Support Dana Beal in Dodgeville

Monday, September 19 · 6:00pm 9:00pm

The Goodman Center

149 Waubesa St.
Madison, WI

On Tuesday, Sept. 20, 2011, Dana Beal of Cures Not Wars is facing sentencing for cannabis at the Iowa County Courthouse in Dodgeville WI at 1pm. A number of Dana's friends will be traveling to Wisconsin to support him at the sentencing hearing.

The evening before, Dana's friends will be sharing information on two of Dana's major lifetime causes, medical cannabis and ibogaine as a treatment for addiction.

With millions of Americans already legally using medical cannabis in the now 16 states and Washington DC where it is legal, it is a topic of great interest in Wisconsin. Rising rates of heroin and opiate addiction have pushed treatment options to the brink. Ibogaine offers a natural means to help cure addictions.

This forum presents national and international experts on both these topics.

Schedule of Events:

*6-7pm “Treating Addiction with Ibogaine”*

*Featuring: Marie Cotter (New Zealnd Activist and Ibogaine Expert) and other Ibogaine Experts*

*7-8pm: History of Medical Marijuana Movement*

*Featuring Experts from Numerous Medical Marijuana States: Ed Rosenthal and Dennis Peron (CA), Greg Francisco (MI), Dr. Bob Melamede (CO), and John Pilka (D.C.)*

*8-9pm: Q & A, Bring Cultivation Questions for Grow Experts Ed Rosenthal (formerly “Ask Ed” of High Times) and the rest*


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