“OWS + Green Party” Page?

Who thinks a Facebook page titled "OWS Inspires Green Parties", or "Green Party Supports OWS!" is a good idea? (or should it be "Green Parties Support Occupations"?) or a Twitter titled, "OWS, Steal This Platform"? maybe just, "OWS + Green Party"?

#OWS+GreenParty hash-tag?

Who wants to be seen being Green and Occupy and Write/Film/Photo It?
Participate at the local occupation, maybe you already are there, tell us the best points that come up that aren't in the GP platforms, share the best points that are http://www.gp.org/committees/platform/2010/index.php. Bring a web cam or camera.

Write me at geanark@gmail.com if you want to help coordinate or contribute to such an effort, in person or remotely.

Let's get each other hooked up and exchange ideas.

134 Occupations with LiveStreams @ http://occupystreams.org/

Assembly Minutes: NYC Coordinating http://nycga.cc/
They're working on recording the Assemblies online.


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