Forces of Obfuscation and Fear Sweep In From All Sides; What Will The Occupied Do?

Best Article on 11/5 in Oakland – Best Point; Be Constructive, Vandalism is Manufactured Petty Media Fodder.

Media blacks it out. Cops attack. Tea baggers throw stones. Dems attempt to seduce. FBI already infiltrated everybody. 
Private security firms' infiltrators, who knows how many, where, or why.

OWS on the racks? I say, so what. What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. None of this is able to kill us.
The movement was impervious to these forces from inception, the people, together, are freaking geniuses!

Death by a thousand million cuts? we'll see.

You can't kill or bribe the leaders, the main message is obvious as day, you can't ridicule their demands, their processs is intangible and incomprehensible if you are not there, or down with it, but to all who are, it is as transparent and agreeable as clean air. They make no plans for violence or even vandalism, or anything else that needs be secret. So they cannot be informed upon or made to appear scary. If you attack with force they will film it. They are hard to confuse because they all live together, collect dirt that would embarrass? see above, and even harder to seperate from the flock and drive off. The flock is spread out across the world online, eyes are always watching the livestreams. globalrevolution

Finally, ideas don't die, and this one is already a spiritual idea to some of us.

I have yearned for a political party that was not a party but a festival – a single, or linked, location(s) where one could gather to speak and be heard (of course it will be rough until the homeless are all housed, but at least the ones who can take it won't be homeless anymore).
The Norse had the AlThing, Iceland has the Alţingi Íslendinga, may we develop AllnessBeings.

For those who don't know, Anon was born of a religious war of self defense.
Apparently, there is a older core motivated to bring down the global system, in order to dismantle the Scientology Church.
2008 Milwaukee Protest The Church 

this site has nothing to do with OWS directly, but if you read between the lines it's obvious where all those clueless hateful trolls are coming from.

I like trolling for trolls, they can some times give good opportunities to counterpoint and inject humor.
If, however, they are being paid, I'm afraid I have too many better things to do with my time then bang my head against unimaginable amounts of money.

Cointelpro may be dead and gone, but there are plenty of shadowy private concerns that have stepped up to the dole line coming from corps(es).

Add to whatever is going on privately to the black ops that our reps don't even know the budget(s) for anymore.

With the militarization of the local cops nationwide, and the FBI swooping in on blacks, Muslims, Latinos, and any other group they want to claim is crime and terror prone (yes, being a black Muslim has long been cause to be investigated and infiltrated, but now it's officially OK), one may be excused for being distracted from these other, more nefarious, elements, with less interest in safety and other critical public concerns.

Tue, 10/25/2011 – 22:55 — Glen Ford

ACLU 10/19

The nearest city to me with an OWS effort is WI Rapids, I hooked up with them on the occupy meetup.
85%+ of the group were there because of "the mailing list" (apparently there is only one that matters). 
I also went to Stevens Point the same day, it was quite a contrast.

In Point there was not even a consensus structure, but it was all informally very consensual and horizontal anyway.
The agenda was begging to come up with another item besides the next action date, but the open mike (not peoples') was used by anyone who wanted to step up – very consensual.
Not that many did, most with anything to say at length had already spoken by then.
Everyone who had something to say got to speak to everyone else, and the rest of the farmer's market, in the new central square.
The main event had been 50 or so who had marched across town together from the university to get there, and several people had taken the kids and gone home soon after. This was, like, their third action or meeting, the second GA, and they had another the following week.
I forgot to ask if they got parade and amplification permits, but would have been embarrassed to, I kinda doubt it.

Occupy WI Rapids was a tad comical. The local Recall Walker/Dem (I got a distinct impression they were synonymous) chair didn't even actually seem to notice she assumed she was "chair" of the org…  early on, already standing while everyone else was seated (never did sit), she stumbled, and almost said something to the effect: As chair I think it's clear I should be ch… (started to say chair), then, as I'm the chair, I think I should get this started.

At 47 I would have felt like THE baby there, but for two or four younger women and men who may have still been in their twenties.
There were maybe 25 of us, more than half were at least 55.

The only thing we had time to discuss was what action we are to do.
I was OK with not having a consensus based decision taking, it was clear no one knew what that was.
I was OK with not discussing why, but just what.

When I was railroaded out of a few attempts to quickly name the Occupy convention steps we were skipping over, as I appeared to be among few with much of an online life, like not sitting down right there until we had a consensus on everything before deciding what to do (not that I planned to stay overnight anyway).

I was NOT OK with burning that much gas to hear an emotional announcement of one man's desire to get arrested in front of a Chase bank in Stevens Point, with as much supporting cast as possible.

I was not OK with it being off topic to decide why we would pursue any other course of action, or indeed why we were to pursue the chosen course. Silly Monte, we aren't acually considering options, we're going through our habitual nod to the formalities of Robby's Rules.

There was little point in the formalities, we had an agenda, a chair, and at some point we brainstormed other options, but apparently this was intended to not actually be considered. So we eventually voted on a single option or not. Politburo hacks would have been proud.

The guy who 3 days later got arrested decided our goal was to fight unfair lending because that's why he was pissed off. It made no sense when several others tried to frame that in the context of election/political reform, so we moved on b4 he got even more angry.

How could it make sense? the Dem national leadership are the fulcrum of the problem!

Had we considered an action in the Rapids, I would have been there, but I needed that gas to get to Ripon for the annual officer election (had to be there, I was out-going Rec Sec).

It seems to have been considered a rousing success, and another one a week later seemed to do even better with a more visible location on Main st. I regret having to miss them both.

We're forming a list serve from the current list of volunteered emails, getting on that list was worth the gas, even if I hadn't been going right up (and down) the river anyway. In Point there seems to be no "the list", but there are two Facebook pages.

When more kids in The Rapids get wind of OccuPoint, some people are in for a rude awakening – not sure which people.

One thing's for sure, I'll be back.

Throwing Stones Examples

Even Stephen Colbert Wants In On The Action
If Dick Armey's FreedomWorks can co-opt the Tea Party, then the Colbert Super PAC can co-opt Occupy Wall Street.
Monday October 31, 2011

Posted Nov. 3, 2011, 12:55 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt

Not every single force and dynamic in our culture is arrayed against occupiers, many stand with the occupied, or simply believe it when they say we stand with the 99% (which I've always found disingenuous, but which seems to have done it's job, and sent an effective message to most of us who had ears to hear anyway).

Polls show 35% support OWS, 29% tea party

38% in MN think OWS will affect next Nov. election

The Disenfranchised Have Grown to Enormous Proportions
It's not just the nurses and the teachers, and the black and the brown, the soldiers and firemen, and the not very male, it's also the high priests, the visionaries, the real leaders of the way forward, namely, those who think they get, more importantly, who use, the scientific method (those who really do get "the method" – which requires intuition and a lot of other understated human sourced emergent essences – study History of Science, so it's still kind of gets covered, even though it is not widely well documented. Science itself does manage to deploy said methodology quite well, however).
It's the damage we would do to the Earth, and the sheer lack beauty in all the pain that would result, that requires us to move forward, there is no past to return to.
The kids today get it, the problem isn't the science, it's what capital and power do to our shared arts and technology.

Updated 13:15 24 October 2011 by Andy Coghlan and Debora MacKenzie

The science, real science, is also really more and more often supporting the contentions and world view of OWS.
Those who don't get science have no way forward, to transform our technology will require more extraction of knowledge from data than ever before, most of us are simply incapable of living like the Amish and Mennonites, and most of them don't know how to live completely without modern toolage assemblies and the outside economy either (but many would last long enough to re-tool if it all went away tomorrow).

Possibly The Most Important Science, Climate
By Climate Guest Blogger on Aug 29, 2011 at 3:18 pm

Many environmental justice and animal empathy people may say they hate science, but many of them won't, they use it to save species, including ours. Who doesn't love the new solar electric plastics coming out that promise not only a way past the critical need for rare and soon to be very limited rare earth metals, but solar everybuiltwhere / every-built-thing. We can let the pentagon and their bosses own the universe of data that will soon map most molecular concentration movements (like you), or we can all use it to track every tiger for live entertainment, making poaching impossible (they will try to sell us both).

Facts are facts, and science has been as ravaged, torn assunder, and greviously impoverished, by capital's dominance – and this has been well documented – more than most demographics.
They join the ever growing list of professions reviled and hated by the lackies, indeed they were first in the sights of industrial chemistry and fundies.

We don''t get life itself without science, with it we will soon get mind.
Brain Sciences have already discovered several mechanisms developed for reading minds are more like read/write, with no way to secure these permissions once you're hooked up, or in the wrong kind of "scanner" (these results not yet known to be mass produced).

Many of Scientists themselves are lackies, but such technocrats sometimes even become bosses, or the 1% (most can't actually stay current in 2, much less all three), but this is a small minority, as found in any profession of value.

Media Obfuscation

Plain Old Garden Variety Disruption
By John Aravosis (DC) on 11/06/2011 02:25:00 PM 

Here's the final thought, lackies in close proximity to the people, and infiltrators who stay deep too long, almost always turn.

Even some of the 1% was practically born turned, some have "turned" recently in a very superficial and public way
Ever more will work against what others will call their own interests as momentum builds.
If it gets gritty, and too many people get hurt, the smart 1% will all renounce what many of them will keep in their hearts and minds.

Empire – Queensryche… "hear it calling?"
Revolution Calling – Queensryche – "if you want change, you gotta make it a habit"

On Counter Infiltration More Generally

How to Identify an Agent Provocateur « Kasama
Press Conference: Targetted by FBI Infiltrator in Minneapolis « Kasama
Minneapolis: Tales of an FBI Infiltrator « Kasama
If your actions need to be covert, covert infiltration is a key concern, hence "Security Culture"
This Is About Drug Stings, but Much of It Applies to Other Things
Who Are "We"?
Average age, 33, unemployment 28%, highly educated, very left, 68 percent white and 61 percent male…
60% voted for Obama but only 25 percent identified with the Democratic Party, 11% Socialist and 11% Green
Professor's summary; "disgruntled Dems".
 LA Progressive Saturday Survey – Occupy Your Mama
An Awesome Occupy LA Speaker List

NYC OWS Vision Survey
We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists – Trailer
How Do We Plan?

Last but Not Least; What Are We Planning?

According to this document, they are planning an open election of two delegates from each US Congressional District, to convene a National General Assembly, "to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" as provided in the First Amendment.
The petition lists 20 recommended points for consideration.

One can sign up here to run as a candidate.
The Steps to Non-Violent Revolution and the Convening of a National General Assembly


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