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I'm still stunned how few people are outraged about "legalizing" illegal detention.

And how few have even heard of the official admin reason to oppose the first version:
The entirety of law pales in comparison to this off-hand public admission of war crimes by the administration(s).

Essentially, if this does not piss you off, u r already fascist, for you apparently don't mind giving up the rights that western law was founded on over 1000 years ago. 
The concept that the King must publicly charge a criminal was the pre-existing foundation that the Magna Carta was based on.

Arrest and trial are the very foundation of modern law, without them there is no law at all.

There is no way to challenge the constitutionality of this, ever. The court may only consider a law (un)constitutional after a trial is had, and this removes the requirement for trial that all the English Kings have had to obey. 

If the people tolerate this, there is no "the people".

This is not about a check on power, it is about any check on power at all.
This is not about democracy, it's about humans surviving the cultural we've created.
This is not about certain laws and rights, it's about whether law and right will exist.

There is now no rule of law but a corporatist puppet's whims, as long as he or she can imprison, torture, and assassinate any citizen at will. It no longer matters to your rights whether the law is signed (read the pdf, the admin clearly fears your rights would be improved under this bill compared to the defacto current situation).

Nothing is relevant to your constitutional rights if you have no right to a public record of arrest and trial. Nothing is relevant to your vote if we do not oppose this in a visceral way that is forceful and cannot be ignored.

They took away the core concept upon which the very idea of rights depends.
If you do nothing, know that your political life has ended, you are now a subject.

Every year resistance will be more difficult, nothing will get better for the earth, the air, the water, the animals, or our suicidal species, when citizens of this nation cannot safely utter a word to alter the sociopath megalomania desires and psychosis of the imaginary overlords we call corporations. (Hint: the "persons" in charge don't actually exist.)

It's not the law that matters, but the demonstration of our collective lack of concern with it's single most core important functions, arrest and trial, which has sealed our fate.

Meet King George on steroids, meet the executive that would make Hitler jealous, armed with the inhuman and cowardly robot weapons that would have made Ghengis blush.

Emperor Obama will not be forgotten by those whose future is being poisoned, bulldozed, and paved over, into mass extinction that make comets and asteroids seem mostly harmless.

Human-induced extinctions (those encyclopedias are sooo radical)

E.O. Wilson on how many species are being lost… "unimaginable", "I'll pass on that one"

Species Extinction and Human Population

There is no historic precedent for an expansion of the powers of repression where they don't get used. There is no precedent for the expansion of US presidential powers where they do not get used.
If you want to believe that Obama is so stupid he does not realize that some day someone else will be president, go ahead, but that does not change the fact that his administration has now admitted to major violations of our constitution and international law, by advising a veto on the grounds that it would reduce executive power by forcing the definition of prisoner of war, and subsequent actual human rights of a POW, upon the citizens they kidnap, torture, or murder.

If this sounds wrong, please check me on this one, read the .pdf:

This is, by no means of imagination legal under US or international law.
It is also by no means sane, or even vaguely reasonable, to allow the long standing attempt to bomb, torture, kidnap, and assassinate the concepts of terror, drugs, and poverty.

Will the war be over when state violence is the only thing we can remember being in terror of?

When they offer you bottled air, will you buy it?

Forget about all your other causes.
Whatever horrifies you pales in comparison to the fact that henceforth, if the imaginary persons in charge don't like you, you will disappear.

When I disappear, I will let you know first, if it is on purpose. 
If I'm gone, and you haven't heard why, then I suggest you disappear yourself in time, like I should have.

If you think this is some seriously nutty ranting, you have taken the blue pill.
There's a red pill waiting for you down the line, when it'll be too late for you and yours.

If you can feel every quiver of that knife in your back, if you know that the modern drone is smaller than a butterfly, and that thousands of sensors on a cheap chip are more accurate, and deadly, than a missile, welcome to the real world.

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI
WIGP Corresponding Secretary, GPUS NC Delegate,


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