“TV” Battleground? Or Political Training Ground? Truth For A Change!

There's a new show on Hulu.com (yeah, it's their own show, one of three) about the campaign of a woman running as an independent for Senate in Madison, WI.

Watching it is a great way to learn a bit about the semi-pro game, and a chance to steal a few good lines for working the phones or whatever, while just watching good "TV".

The candidate is a woman who is very much in Jill Stein's position, and, despite it being a very professional Hollywood production, Jill compares favorably in all matters charismatic and substantive.
Her name also starts with an S, so even the alliteration applies.

Those who are political campaign veterans, and those who like teenage romances, will all find this series enjoyable, as will very many more.

""For us, we don't need a show to take off in the first, second or third episode,""



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