On Monday, Premier Allness Of The Week; Look For Previews Every Tues.

Every week, starting Apr. 23, I will be issuing an annotated list of important and interesting music, sites, social media, apps, videos, references, quotes, and happenings in the Green Party.
Also listed will be science, politics, technology, history, news, events, media, and other things that have caught my eye in the previous week.

I will do my best to list things important to everyone today and include good sources and viewpoints new to you.
Ideology will be filtered out for the sanity of readers; when ideology IS the news it will deeply grounded, diversely understood, and presented in the interest of common understanding.

The main theme will be one of Allness Being.
Ways to see a more brilliant human future will be underscored by the dire nature of our current, and selected former, situations.

Altruism, diversity, unity, and consensual relations will be core production values and goals.
If you want to receive copies direct by email ask @ geanark@gmail.com.
Permalink @ geanark.posterous.com

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI
WIGP Corresponding Secretary, GPUS NC Delegate,


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