Allness Weekly April 23

This first edition features Black Seminole War Chief John Horse & Stomp Dance roots. This new column will focus on it all; anti-diabetic liquorice chosen as medical plant 2012, satelittes find twice as many emperor penguins as was thought, diamond films and graphenes for future electronics, what peak oil? Earth Day, Jill Stein goes straight to the heart of another matter, One At Last, Gallup begins daily tracking of opinions on presidential candidates, Republicans block "Buffet" debate, drone futures, graphs of Google searches, and much more – weekly reposting with responsible editorial values.

Featured – Mexico & Back; John Horse Black Seminole War Chief, overlooked giant of US history.
Born a Seminole slave in Florida, he led the most militant band of Black Seminoles against the US in two wars, to Indian Territory, to Mexico, against the Emperor's invasion, and back to the US.

Bonus – Stomp Dance of the Muscogee Creek – Play this while reading about John Horse.


Discovery of Oil peaked in 1964. The total World production of conventional oil reached a plateau in 2004, and peaked in 2006.
As the first graph in this article shows, there has only been 5% variation in the plateau since mid 2004.
The last two years have managed marginal growth, but the long peak has really been here for some time.
This may well be the last year that even has a chance of reaching that high, there's nowhere to go from here but down.
As can be seen from this chart, conventional oil production has already been falling prior to 2010. (this is an awesome graph showing a breakdown of production by country and source).
Heavy oil, tar sands, and other such hard to reach and dangerous sources are increasingly filling the gap, allowing total oil production to continue a slow climb.
These sources are not as plentiful nor as economic, and will not last.
When it comes to conventional sources, we are unlikely ever again to see production at the rate it reached in 2006.

Event – Earth Day – Gaylord Nelson where have we not gone?
Everywhere (would you list your local happenings if there was a worldwide Earth Day "calendar"?)

Band – One At Last; Song – Natraj; On – Are You Dreaming?


Service – Music – – Build your own radio station using songs, artists, genres, and help from your friends. A social media for music fans. Share stations with others. Create a radio station to hear a song from a new band and similar songs. If you don't like that artist, delete the station. 100 stations allowed, shuffle option, choice to remove stations from shuffle list. Some recommended bands to check out: Yoshida Brothers, Niyaz, E. S. Posthumus, Escala, Jef Stot, Lenny Kravitz, Beats Antique, Immortal Technique, Gregorian,  Emma's Revolution, Faith No More, Midnight Oil, Omnia, The Style Council, Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet, & Kazu Matsui


Stephen Colbert cites studies showing more approval for a Communist takeover of US than of US Congress.—alleged-congress-communists
(11% to 9%)

Republicans block debate on "Buffet" bill

Condoleezza Rice: 'I Don't Know When Immigrants Became The Enemy'
Condoleezza stands for THE core US value.

The Sportsmen's Heritage Act, which now heads to the Senate, would open more national parks to hunting and protect the use of toxic lead ammunition and fishing gear.
Some heritage, more lead in more bellies, and the sound and rampage of ATVs on all Federal Land; such very sportsman like conduct from the NRA and NSSF.
Call your Senator and help make sure it doesn't pass the Senate, it could hit the floor as early as next week.
The Bill –
"But conservation groups, including many that support hunting, call the bill a rollback of wildlife protections. "Instead of upholding values dear to many hunters, it degrades wildlife habitat on public lands and mandates continued use of known poisonous lead bullets and sinkers," Bill Snape of the Center for Biological Diversity says in a press release. "There are powerful reasons we banned toxic lead from gasoline, plumbing and paint; now it's time to finally rid this toxin from our bullets and fishing sinkers.""
“Not only does this bill ignore the millions of families who visit, value, and love experiencing and learning about our heritage in our National Park System, but its odd treatment of many National Park Service areas is highly arbitrary and wholly inappropriate,” said Obey in a prepared statement. “There are plenty of public lands, both federal and state, that provide appropriate opportunities for hunting and recreational shooting. Yet, in the absence of a perceived national need to hunt squirrels in Frederick Douglass’s backyard, or conduct target practice at the Gettysburg Cemetery or the Flight 93 Memorial, the House has passed legislation that would seem to contemplate such ridiculous notions.
"The NRA, Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Boone & Crockett Club, Safari Club International and the American Sportfishing Association virtually elbowed each other out of the way to pose for the cameras when the bill, known as "Sportsmen's Heritage Act of 2012" passed by a vote of 274-146." … "The House vote was along partisan lines and the bill's chances in the Democrat-controlled Senate are between slim and none."
National Shooting Sports Foundation's Lawrence Keane gushes.

Gallup begins daily tracking of presidential race

Cynthia McKinney and Robert Scheer Speak to Packed House about the Government's Betrayal of the People
Betrayed much lately? or, on what level isn't this not the country I was born in?

Occupation – Tax Day – May Day
#A17 Tax Day Actions –
General Strike Propaganda –

Green Party – Stein calls Obama "win-win" Colombia trade agreement a "lose-lose" for workers
"This trade pact is a jobs export pact," Stein said. "Manufacturing jobs are going to flow from the U.S. to Columbia, where violence and intimidation against trade unionists makes the labor cheap."
Jill Stein always goes straight to the heart of what really matters.
Posted by Jill Stein for President on April 16, 2012


Greenland May Be Slip-Sliding Away Due to Surface Lake Melting
Looking at 1,000 lakes on the glacial surface over 10 years in 9000 photos.
"new feature-recognition software capable of identifying supraglacial lakes in satellite images and determining their size and when they appear and disappear" "Lake drainages are a wild card in terms of whether they enhance or decrease the ice sheet's slide,"

Space pictures pick up lots more penguins
Seven new emperor penguin colonies found with new technique. First time an entire species is counted from space in one season.

“Medicinal plant 2012” – Liquorice root, contains anti-diabetic substance in the amorfrutin class of natural substances
"“The health-beneficial effects are based on the fact that the amorfrutin molecules dock directly onto a receptor in the nucleus called PPARγ,” explains Sascha Sauer. PPARγ plays an important role in the cell’s fat and glucose metabolism."
Materials – Carbon Films, Tubes, and Sponges Portend Diamond Age

Breakthrough in Diamond Films Helps Thermal Bottleneck
Temperature for diamond film deposition cut in half.

Graphene-Based Electronics: Entirely New Carbon-Based Material Synthesized from Graphene
Semi-conducting films which appear more easily scaled up than previous graphenes are accidentally discovered while preparing lab materials for study.

Sponging Up Oil Spills: Nanosponges Soak Up Oil Again and Again
Critical step made by creating solids from nano tubes. What can't they potentially be used for?
"boron puts kinks and elbows into the nanotubes as they grow and promotes the formation of covalent bonds"
"more than 99 percent air," they "also conduct electricity and can easily be manipulated with magnets."
"easily scaled up," they "can absorb more than a hundred times their weight in oil."
"sample remained elastic after about 10,000 compressions"

Sky – Pictures of Star Mother Tarantula

Panoramic View of a Turbulent Star-Making Region
"image reveals the stages of star birth, from embryonic stars a few thousand years old still wrapped in dark cocoons of dust and gas to behemoths that die young in supernova explosions"

larger image @ Hubble Peeks inside a Stellar Cloud @
Tarantula nebula @ Wikipedia –

larger image Hubblesite @ @
Mulitwavelength images of Doradus 30
30 Doradus dot org –

Chimpanzee Ground Nests Offer New Insight Into Our Ancestors' Descent from the Trees

"chimpanzees' behaviour suggests a more deep-seated, gradual transition from tree-to-ground sleep."
"This suggests that our direct ancestors were neither the only, nor the first, species to come down from the trees."

Social – Stereotypes and Prejudice

Changing Race by Changing Clothes? Stereotypes and Status Symbols Impact If a Face Is Viewed as Black or White
Can anybody say, "we are all Trayvon Martin"?

When Social Fear Is Missing, So Are Racial Stereotypes, Shows Study of Children With Williams Syndrome
"findings support the notion that social fear is at the root of racial stereotypes."
"we suspected that they would not show a particular preference for own-race versus other-race characters. The finding that racial stereotypes in children with Williams syndrome were completely absent was nevertheless surprising in its degree."
"children with Williams syndrome did make stereotypical sex role assignments just like normal children. That finding suggests that different forms of stereotyping arise from different brain mechanism"

Prejudice Linked to Women's Menstrual Cycle, Study Suggests
"fertile women were more biased against men of different races and men of different social groups"
"increase in bias occurred only for women who perceived the men as physically threatening"
"results suggest that the same traits that fertile women find attractive in men of their same group may actually lead to more negativity against men when those traits are associated with men of a different racial or social group"

Graph: Employment in Manufacturing in the United States (USAEMFGNA)[1][id]=USAEMFGNA

Congressional oil change needed; transportation as the grease in the economy and Congress as the sludge in the way.
Washington's Road to Economic Decline –

Is middle class ready for a tighter monetary policy? What middle class?
"Fed President Narayana Kocherlakota said earlier this week that the FOMC should consider raising interest rates later this year rather than maintain zero interest rate policy through 2014"
Discord In The Fed –

Word of the week
Filibuster: from vrijbuiter via filibustero, originally meaning freebooter.

Stuff Bumped From Top Of Category:
Music – One At Last; Latin, electronic, shot of Bodhisattva, Asia, dash o' harmonica 

Graphs of Google searches:

Penguins vs Chimp vs GMO vs sustainable vs chimpanzees

Jill Stein vs Roseanne Barr vs GPUS vs Wisconsin Green Party

Rocky Anderson vs Stewart Alexander vs Roseanne Bar vs Jill Stein vs Stephen Durham

News search of the above

News search for Kent vs Jill vs Roseanne comes up with completely different results for Roseanne???

Jill Stein vs Roseanne Bar vs Stephen Durham vs Peta Lindsay vs Kent mesplay
USA Green Party vs Green Party USA vs US Green Party vs Green Party US vs American Green Party

Illinois Green Party vs Wisconsin Green Party vs Green Party US

Indiana Green Party vs Green Party of Minnesota vs Wisconsin Green Party vs Iowa Green Party

Found also @,, and ; this column will soon have it's own site.
Pictures best seen at


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