Jill Stein Taken Into Police Custody At Occupy Fannie May In Philly (W/Video)

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein is being
detained after leading a protest near the downtown Philadelphia office of
Fannie Mae.

She and about 50 supporters are protesting on behalf of two city homeowners
facing foreclosure.

Stein is one of about two dozen people being detained by security inside a
ground-floor bank they entered to try to reach the nearby offices of Fannie
Mae, the government-sponsored mortgage lender.

No arrests have been made.

Jill and Cheri are still in the bank bullding at 1835 Market Street in
Philadelphia.  This is "bankers row" – the center of the financial powers
in Philadelphia.  The police closed the building and told everyone to leave
if they didn't want to be arrested.

Two women who are facing foreclosure,  Rhonda Lancaster and Miss Fran, are
asking for a commitment from Fannie Mae to stop the foreclosures and let
them stay in their homes.  Jill and Cheri are saying that they won't leave
until Fannie Mae does the right thing.  More people are demonstrating
outside the building.

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI
wigp.org, montesite.net, wifishingclub.orgnecedahharvest.org, Allness.be


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