Why Vote?

Do what those puny humans who work for imaginary robots yet think they are in control want you to do.
Vote for duelling bank accounts that need your money to help make it clear they have something to differ about.
Vote for ever more rigid rules to ensure that an average of 0.5 people per year per state voting dishonestly ends forever.
Vote to ensure legal fictions of persons have all the rights of citizens in addition to immortality, immunity from bodily harm, imprisonment, or any motive but for monetary profit.
Vote for drone swarms in buildings and bodies near you coming soon.
Vote to put your stamp of approval on no more habeus corpus for english speaking law, (and the rest of the world).
Vote for summary execution, ignoring war crimes, and total surveillance for you and privacy for power.
Vote to continue the war on drugs, on the poor, the middle class, and chemical warfare on biologic survival in general.
Vote to expand corporate rights.

Just stay home on election day.

Hail the rise of imaginary monster conglomerates as sole viable citizens of the planet.  

Daily Show – Voter I.D. laws target the poor, minorities and elderly – entire first segment
Aug. 08, 2012 – Chris Rock http://shar.es/vEP9s


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