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Yesterday’s Interesting News Summary

September 29, 2012

I'm trying something new. Read the addresses for title excerpts.
"insisting that he would “respect” whatever decision to start a war Israel might make."
Links to:
With Video "For this to happen, for me to be attacked by a cop — and for the cops to do this huge cover up — it's really changing my view of the force," Supreme Court Justice Raffaele

Hilarity Ensues:

My Job – Obama for America TV Ad

Too Many Americans

Mitt Romney: Those People

Americans Take Anti-Drone Stance Directly to Pakistan

Denial Institute:


DemocracyNow Allows Jill & Rocky to Join the Debate On Wednesday

September 29, 2012

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Starlene Rankin <>
Date: Fri, Sep 28, 2012 at 4:54 PM
Subject: [GP-US a/v] Weds, 10/3, Jill Stein on Democracy Now! with Rocky Anderson
To: Media Committee <>, GP-US Media audio and video production <>

Jill will be on Democracy Now! next Wednesday night, 8:30pm ET. They will air the Obama/Romney debate pausing after questions to include equal time responses from Jill and Rocky Anderson.

A Way With Words – – Mojo VS Juju

September 23, 2012


Thanks, Dad.
Word roots is one of my favorite subjects, and they seem to do some homework.
I wish they had a subscription for The Oxford English Dictionary (295$/yr!!), which cites the first known usage of each meaning of a word.

I knew what "cut to the quick" meant, but was not clear on the relations of these other uses of quick, except for the fingernail bed (cwicu). Another way to look at it is cut until the bleeding comes quickly, just as quicksilver and quicksand are less alive and more flowing quickly.

I had no idea that kerosene, dry ice, and cellophane, were proprietary eponyms like aspirin.

I'm not sure there is any difference at all between common use of mojo and juju, except which Vodun/Voodoo tradition it's from, and the more personal and positive connotation of mojo, which I think is increasingly absent over recent generations.

My guess is mojo is more Christianity influenced and more New World, but I can't remember any basis for that.

I asked, so now I gotta know…

Juju is not from Vodun, it's from West Africa.
Short Answer:

mojo (n.) Look up mojo at
"magic," 1920s, probably of Creole origin, cf. Gullah moco "witchcraft," Fula moco'o "medicine man."

juju (n.2) Look up juju at
"marijuana cigarette," 1940, supposedly from reduplicated middle syllable of marijuana.
juju (n.1) Look up juju at
object of religious veneration among W.Africans, 1860, supposedly ultimately from Fr. joujou "toy, plaything."
Used previously by Europeans to describe the traditional West African religions.[2] Today it refers specifically to objects, such as amulets, and spells used superstitiously as part of witchcraft in West Africa.[3]

Juju can also be used as a kind of Geis to enforce a contract. In a typical scenario, a juju spell will be placed on a Nigerian woman before she is trafficked into Europe for prostitution, to ensure that she will pay back her traffickers and won't escape. The witch doctor casting the spell requires a payment for this service.[4] Juju is also commonly used in an attempt to affect the outcome of soccer games.[5]

The term juju, and the practices associated with it, travelled to the Americas from West Africa with the influx of slaves and still survives in some areas, particularly among the various groups of Maroons, who have tended to preserve their African traditions.

Contrary to common belief, voodoo (known as Vodun in West Africa) is not related to juju, despite the linguistic and spiritual similarities. Juju has acquired some karmic attributes in more recent times. Good juju can stem from almost any good deed: saving a kitten, or returning a lost book. Bad juju can be spread just as easily. These ideas revolve around the luck and fortune portions of juju. The use of juju to describe an object usually involves small items worn or carried; these generally contain medicines produced by witch doctors.

Mojo is a magical charm bag used in hoodoo, which has transmuted into a slang word for self-confidence, self-esteem or sex appeal. It may also refer to:

Media and entertainment




Mojo as given name
Mojo as nicknames


See also

Disambiguation icon This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the same title.
If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

Longest disambiguation page I've ever seen?

Apparently, one can have a powerful mojo that is or is used to make juju, or a powerful juju that is or is used to make mojo, and using only good mojos can build up good juju, which one could use for bad jujus or to build powerful mojo, and that is just the beginning of the many ways they could be used together to mean different things, but the words also are unrelated and commonly interchangeable, in that they are both names for a type of gris-gris (fetish).

If you have an amulet of lucky spells in a lucky charm bag necklace, you can call it juju when you want to cleave to African tradition, mojo or gris-gris if you want to include New World influences, or you could be eclectic and call it a juju in a mojo gris-gris that gives good mojo when practising juju weather making jujus or mojos, or placing a juju spell on someone to decrease their mojo.

These traditions have a tendency to meld, blend, and conglomerate, as far as I can see, so the "technically" "correct" meanings will vary greatly depending upon one's own milieu of culture(s), associations, experience, beliefs, and revealed tradition(s).

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3D Printing in Military Logistics and Expeditionary Labs

September 12, 2012

The 3D Printing Revolution

A brief description of military logistics use.

Rapid Equipping Force (REF) acquires Expeditionary Labs.

This one has a video about the Labs.

People are printing illegal gun parts.

Extended Background:

3D printing – Difference Engine: The PC all over again?

3D printing – Difference Engine: Making it


Zcorp 3D Printer 650

Amazing capabilities in the corner of the office environment.

Bioprinting – Custom body parts from own cells.

3D printing demo — ball bearings!

3D Printing of Hand-Crank Fan

3D metal printing

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI
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Jill Stein & Cheri Honkala; Half Hour with Bill Moyers & on Pacifica at the DNC

September 8, 2012

Full Show: Challenging Power, Changing Politics
The first half hour is with Bernie Sanders; well worth watching.

Green Party's Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala on Pacifica at the DNC

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Respect Karl Rove’s New Strategy, Steal It!

September 6, 2012 minutes: 81:34 to 99:10

We need to steal Rove's secret core strategy, by very publicly targeting Rove's target:

"somebody who probably voted for Barak Obama the last time, who actually likes him, even if they don't necessarily like a lot of the things that have happened under Obama's Presidency, maybe they're hurting economically."

And using his strategy, respect:

"We need to be respectful, we need to focus on the issues at hand, if we call Obama a socialist, or we call him a left winger, or say he's a bad person, these voters that we are trying to reach will recoil from that. Their whole plan is to speak in a very clear neutral tone, as they would present it, and not get nasty and personal."

We also need to pay more attention to Karl's third priority, the Senate.
I have some homework to do on this myself, so expect to hear more from me about targeting Senate runs.

On DemocracyNow Amy interviewed Sheila Kolhatkar, with Bloomberg Businessweek, who crashed an American Crossroads/GPS update breakfast, and relates observations that they are treated much as a single organization (minutes 86 – 88 What is the distinction between GPS and Crossroads?).


Sheila Kolhatkar, quoting Karl Rove, Haley Barbour, and Steven Law laying out their strategy:

89:15 "they were sharing all this data… sharing these focus groups with the other outside fund raising organizations, such as Americans for Prosperity"
89:30 "Out of all this research they had created a very specific picture of the type of voter that they need to reach in order to tip the election in Mitt Romney's favor. They said that this is somebody who probably voted for Barak Obama the last time, who actually likes him, even if they don't necessarily like a lot of the things that have happened under Obama's Presidency, maybe they're hurting economically. But it's a very small group of people who fall into this camp."

90:00 "Steven Law asked Rove, "when can we take the gloves off? When can the campaign get more pointed and more personal?…
Rove said, actually that is not the strategy that's gonna work. We need to be respectful, we need to focus on the issues at hand, if we call Obama a socialist, or we call him a left winger, or say he's a bad person, these voters that we are trying to reach will recoil from that. Their whole plan is to speak in a very clear neutral tone, as they would present it, and not get nasty and personal."
91:00 "the whole thing lives or dies on the Senate. For either party the Senate is crucial." (Whichever party wins the presidency will win or lose, ObamaCare for a start, without the Senate majority.)


We already respect all possible voters, we, like them, are sick of all the money, deadlock, and dirt.
We are the party for those who are sick of voting against people, so we already target Karl Rove's demographic.

Regardless of whether they have voted, or who they've voted for, we particularly respect voters who don't want to vote for big money, because we are just like them, since we take no money from corporations, and have no PACs. We understand those who feel their party has been bought out from under them, and the independents and the nonvoters, because we have been there.

We respect those who are sick of voting to protest a candidate rather than support one, by giving them something to vote for.

We may even want to posit that this may well be the majority of American Voters, who often agree with us on other things too.

We also must be more clear to the spoileralert-ists that the real majority are those who don't vote, who we all should be reaching out to, and how their team fails to do this less well at peril.


A former Obama voter stays home, unable to bring their self to put on shoes to go vote for Romney, are afraid that at the polls they will breakdown and vote for Obama. This is the voter the Green Party is there for.

A lot of people from both mega-corp teams are talking about voting for "the" other party, but they don't really want to.

Those who feel like protesting both parties are the vast majority, most of our potential voters won't otherwise vote.

Many of them would rather not vote for "their" party to protest what has been going on, but surely many of these would rather not vote for the other team, even if that's the only protest vote they think will matter.

The key solution is a protest against both parties that counts for something as well.
If they can't vote for us they should vote Socialist, Libertarian, or Constitution Party.

Not much changes about our core message.
We're here, on 95% of ballots, don't take corp money, aren't going away, and your vote for us is a much more effective protest of big money.

We need to imitate this strategy, and point out that we are working to target these potential Romney votes.
This is a world where information does not seek one, one seeks information.
A story about how we are using Rove's strategy could notify people to come find out about us.
It is only those who seek a message who really hear it, esp. today.

Getting the word out that we are targeting people who want to vote for Obama, but can't, the critical voters that Rove is targeting, is a dual message that has layers to each message if massaged right.
Everyone knows Obama is doing it too, focus groups, lots of money, but everyone is also curious, what's Rove's strategy? We can tell them, and we can let them know we to represent their concerns, we want them to google Jill and find out about us.


Ironically, coming from Karl Rove, the primary message for us is that we need to be much more respectful.
We need to understand everyone, but especially those who least understand us, because they are closest to us.
We need to be understanding of those who may have voted Dem or Rep in the past.

We understand everyone.
We get the nonvoters, we get the independents, we get the Dems, we get the Reps and the Libs, because we were all those things, and in many ways most of us still partly are.

Stop needlessly ridiculing the votes and opinions of others.
Be careful about some of the more incendiary charges we tend to throw at Obama.

I for one have recently become convinced to stop claiming Obama has suspended habeus corpus, for there is evidence, that many believe, that he has not. The relevant fact for me is that those who believe he has, and those who do not, are not likely to be receptive to others who insist they are wrong.

There is plenty of damage he has done to our rights, international law, and the lives of people around the world in so many ways besides just ending many of them. I will cite the details if asked to.

I might dig up a few citations to support some of them, but am unlikely to change many minds by doing so if I'm rude about it.
All I need to say, unless pressed, is that I believe Obama has diminished human rights, murdered innocents by fiat, and abrogated our treaty obligations.

People who will not vote for us are beyond our ability to reach, by definition.

Those who may vote for us are critical thinkers, and we cannot reach them with emotionally charged exaggerations, or even undocumented truth that is easily taken as primarily an emotional appeal.

Emotions are important, but we must pay more attention to the emotions we ourselves engender, to ensure they are positive ones.
Producing positive reactions is infinitely more valuable than evincing negative ones; the duelling bank accounts generate plenty enough hate to go round for both parties involved, with plenty left to draw on by just by intelligently and dispassionately drawing it down.


This may well sound like the pot calling the kettle black. It is also a promise to do better on my own part as well.
I will get emotional when I think it is right, but it's my cold dispassion that is most often felt as venom.
Truth dispassionately cited is more powerful to making new friends than a focus on the anger and fear.

For this strategy to work, we must stop validating the feeling that we are converting Dems by not believing it ourselves.
Stop acting like it is anything but a waste of time to try to convert fervent Obama voters.

If we comport ourselves as though these people are not our concern (as they aren't), we can more easily make the case that it is Romney's votes we are stealing anyway, we could get a win win and actually be the reason Obama wins.

I strongly believe that if Obama wins it is more likely next we will have a much better showing than if Romney wins, because I think the Dems will end up much weaker.

Ignore the outspoken Dem's emotional state, but be nice, they have friends who are our voters.

If you are pressed, point out that we take no corporate money, and only expect the votes of those who would vote against Obama anyway.
We respect your right to support whoever you like, but don't expect to be taken seriously if you keep crying wolf while being eaten by dragons.

I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this,

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,

Two Critical Immediate Needs for Two Important Campaigns – Dr. Stein & Dedering

September 4, 2012

Like these pages, link to, copy these two stories and promote via Facebook, email, every way you can!!

Tell Google TV not to censor our ads!
Google Headquarters:  1600 Amphitheatre Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043.
Telephone 1-650-253-0000 Fax 1-650-253-0001
Contact Google's Advertising Department toll free, call 1-866-2GOOGLE (1-866-246-6453)
email them with the form provided at   

What Green Means: A Green New Deal for America 0:30
Original Ad; Enough! 0:59

Help Johnathon Dedering become the first Green in the history of the Wisconsin State Legislature.
His only opponent was caught inappropriately contacting and photographing young children at a beach and is being crushed by a scandal that may only the tip of the iceberg according to the police report.
Let's make this happen, this is his only opponent! &
Police Report on Rep. Hulsey's Conduct July 4th

Other Goodies:
Jill Stein- speaks at Wallstreet south March 9/2/12 – 5:34

A nation at war with itself for far too long!
It’s Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is Claiming it’s Not
No mention of Anahiem? it's become so sytematic that 9+ straight days of protests and riots every day falls through the cracks?

Oh What A Day! Vic Sadot Aug 2012 Update Version

First black block-ish march on DNC, last night's livestream on replay! will be live again soon, once people get up in the morn

Will Warren Buffett Be Endorsing Jill Stein For President?

United Wisconsin Condemns County Executive Chris Abele’s Veto of Move to Amend Resolution

Spoiler Alert!!! Why You Must Choose Obama or Romney!
Post or support humorous responses to being told to vote for Obama.
"Support Jill Stein! vote for Ron Paul!"
"Ryan 2016! vote Obama 2012."
"Too many choices, let's go back to the Soviet system of being clear whether you're for the guy or against him!"

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first black blockish march on DNC now underway livestream

September 4, 2012

first black blockish march on DNC now underway livestream

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,

URGENT: Tell Google TV not to censor our ads!

September 4, 2012

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: larry dooley <>
Date: Mon, Sep 3, 2012 at 9:11 PM
Subject: [greens] URGENT: Tell Google TV not to censor our ads!

Greens,  The latest from the Stein/Honkala campaign,
Larry Dooley
Madison, WI

Dear Larry,

google_dont_be_evil.pngLast week, the Jill Stein for President campaign placed over a hundred thousand dollars worth of airtime on cable TV nationally and in select markets across the country. The ads are scheduled to air tomorrow, Tuesday through this Thursday, to raise important progressive issues key to our nation's future that will not be discussed during the corporate-sponsored Democratic National Convention.

This morning, Google —which served as a broker for placement of our national satellite and cable television ad placements— informed Jill Stein for President that they were censoring the campaign's ads due to "inappropriate language."  (The ads in question can be viewed here).
What Google does not seem to understand is that federal law prohibits broadcasters from censoring ads submitted by candidates for public office.

Because all primary advertising has to air before the close of the Democratic convention on Thursday, this is an extremely urgent matter.  We urge all of our supporters —and any American who does not think corporations should have the right to censor political free speech— to contact Google at once:
In the event that this censorship matter may not be resolved in time, we have quickly produced three other ads, "What Green Means," that we can get on the air immediately, with your support.  You can see the ads here. And if you donate now, you can vote on which one of them we should use.

Please donate as much as you can as soon as you so we can get our ads on the air during the Democratic National Convention and before the primary season has ended! Thank you.

 In Solidarity, 

 Ben Manski
 Jill Stein for President
 Campaign Manager

Please take an immediate step by making a donation:
Authorized and paid for by Jill Stein for President
PO Box 260217, Madison, WI 53726-0217

Had Enough? Help Launch Jill’s First TV Campaign! “Enough!”

September 1, 2012
Share it wildly.

Break the media blackout!
Get this awesome professional ad in front of millions!

Donate towards airtime @

Promote Jill's site's page @, the YouTube page is just for sharing on YouTube, there are buttons for Facebook Like & Send, tweeting, and google+ there.

If you are considering adding a new social site, now is good time,,, & are good places to find fellow greens, progressives, and activists.

A rapidly rising star that also makes it very easy to share the video directly from is (just put the page address in the box, like Facebook).

Post the donate link as well, esp. if sharing from the YouTube page, @

Can easily be shared in conversation, "at top of".

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,