Had Enough? Help Launch Jill’s First TV Campaign! “Enough!”

Share it wildly.

Break the media blackout!
Get this awesome professional ad in front of millions!

Donate towards airtime @ https://jillstein.nationbuilder.com/donate

Promote Jill's site's page @ http://www.jillstein.org/first_tv_ad_campaign, the YouTube page is just for sharing on YouTube, there are buttons for Facebook Like & Send, tweeting, and google+ there.

If you are considering adding a new social site, now is good time, http://greenchange.org/, http://care2.com/, & http://change.org/ are good places to find fellow greens, progressives, and activists.

A rapidly rising star that also makes it very easy to share the video directly from http://www.jillstein.org/first_tv_ad_campaign is http://Pintrest.com/ (just put the page address in the box, like Facebook).

Post the donate link as well, esp. if sharing from the YouTube page, @ https://jillstein.nationbuilder.com/donate

Can easily be shared in conversation, "at top of wigp.org".

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI
wigp.org, montesite.net, wifishingclub.orgnecedahharvest.org, Allness.be


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