Two Critical Immediate Needs for Two Important Campaigns – Dr. Stein & Dedering

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What Green Means: A Green New Deal for America 0:30
Original Ad; Enough! 0:59

Help Johnathon Dedering become the first Green in the history of the Wisconsin State Legislature.
His only opponent was caught inappropriately contacting and photographing young children at a beach and is being crushed by a scandal that may only the tip of the iceberg according to the police report.
Let's make this happen, this is his only opponent! &
Police Report on Rep. Hulsey's Conduct July 4th

Other Goodies:
Jill Stein- speaks at Wallstreet south March 9/2/12 – 5:34

A nation at war with itself for far too long!
It’s Not Just the LAPD: The Big Lie About Police Brutality is Claiming it’s Not
No mention of Anahiem? it's become so sytematic that 9+ straight days of protests and riots every day falls through the cracks?

Oh What A Day! Vic Sadot Aug 2012 Update Version

First black block-ish march on DNC, last night's livestream on replay! will be live again soon, once people get up in the morn

Will Warren Buffett Be Endorsing Jill Stein For President?

United Wisconsin Condemns County Executive Chris Abele’s Veto of Move to Amend Resolution

Spoiler Alert!!! Why You Must Choose Obama or Romney!
Post or support humorous responses to being told to vote for Obama.
"Support Jill Stein! vote for Ron Paul!"
"Ryan 2016! vote Obama 2012."
"Too many choices, let's go back to the Soviet system of being clear whether you're for the guy or against him!"

Also at,,, &


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