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Jill Stein Arrested Resupplying Keystone Pipeline Barricading Tree Sitters

October 31, 2012

breaking_jill_stein_arrested &
Jill baby, Jill!
"I’m here to connect the dots between super storm Sandy and the record heat, drought, and fire we’ve seen this year – and this Tar Sands pipeline, which will make all of these problems much worse. And I’m here to connect the dots between climate devastation and pipeline politicians – both Obama and Romney – who are competing, as we saw in the debates, for the role of Puppet In Chief for the fossil fuel industry. Both deserve that title. Obama’s record of “drill baby drill” has gone beyond the harm done by George Bush. Mitt Romney promises more of the same."


Please Help Guide Design for The Next WIGP & Local GP Website Theme(s)

October 30, 2012

I need your 30 second gut reaction to which of these pages feels best.
Do not look at the content, or how many options are offered, just consider how it feels to look at.
Is it easy on the eyes? easy on the mind? is it pleasant to look at but also clear and easy to navigate?
If there are visual elements from two or more that you prefer, which are they?

Which has your favorite color scheme? which has the best layout?
Which graphic elements, pictures, font, font color, borders, et cetera do you like?

Please send this back to me at, rank your favorite three or four by marking a number next to them.
More importantly, tell me what you do or do not like, or how you feel about each one, as much as you can.

This last one has 8 choices of header picture, which load randomly.
Reload the page, or go to a couple different pages, one of them lists all the header pics.
Disregard the color of the title of the site, which can be changed to contrast well with the best set of pics.

Which headers are best?
Rank your first 3 or 4 choices, list number of picture, then ranking, or just list the numbers in order of preference.

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,

Music to Vote By; Manifesto & AnimLogo

October 26, 2012


Green Party RSS Mosh

WooHoo! Another Free & Equal Debate; but Jill won’t be there unless she gets more votes than two of the others

October 24, 2012

Go vote for Jill, we need first or second place, so please try to get this out to all the greens you can.

The deadline to vote is 10:30 pm ET on Wednesday, Oct. 24.

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,

Cheri Honkala To Be In Milwaukee This Wednesday

October 22, 2012

Green brothers and sisters,

Cheri Honkala will be in Milwaukee this week for the "Turn the Rust Belt into a Green Belt" tour.  As I write this, it looks like we'll have events at UW-Milwaukee and Cardinal Stritch University in addition to the 7PM house party at Julie Enslow's home in Shorewood. The campus events will be confirmed on Monday.

What we do not have at this moment is a place for Cheri and her assistant to stay on Tuesday and Wednesday night. Please contact me ASAP, either via or at 414-719-1362 if you have available space for one or both nights. Those of us handling these logistics will sleep much better knowing our candidate will also sleep well while she's here.

Please spread the word among your friends and networks about Cheri's events on Wednesday:

11AM    Cardinal Stritch University (tentative, room TBA)
5PM       UW-Milwaukee Union, 2200 E. Kenwood Blvd (tentative, room TBA)
7PM       Reception/House Party at Julie Enslow's (Watch for details)

Let me know if you can help with publicizing (and especially housing!) this tour!

peace and solidarity,
Mike McCallister
State Coordinator Jill Stein for President

How Many Votes In A Green Party Victory?

October 22, 2012


If Jill gets 1-3%, we can be fairly certain to get at least 2% more next cycle.
If we get 5%, this time or next, the 22 million in matching funds would far more than double all GP US federal campaign funds to date.

Coming into this year, 80% of the voting public still has not heard of us, $22 million would definitely change that drastically.

It is safe to say that breaking the 3% margin will easily get us to 5% next time, due to people who support us and are waiting for us to break a minimal threshold.
5% means being the foremost "third" party in over a century, and a substantial showing the following run.

History has it's variables, hindsight is 20×20, and no one knows who will win our next nomination;
but we have already shown good judgement this time in that we considered Roseanne Barr,
who I like and consider at least as good as Nader in her own way,
and then chose Jill's substance over Barr's celebrity
(which celebrity did help get us way more exposure than her staunch opponents would concede).

Look at what the Progressive Party was able to accomplish without ever seating a President (except the Bull Moose Party's General Teddy),
40 hour week, child labor, et cetera…

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,


Hint For Using The Page Editor In WordPress – Visual & HTML Tabs

October 10, 2012

Often when editing a page one will find that hitting enter will start a new paragraph, when one wants to establish a line break.
This has frustrated me for years, and I have finally found a very simple solution.

At the top right of the editor itself is two tabs, you should ALWAYS ensure that you are in the Visual tab.
I try to always leave the Visual tab active, yet it could turn out the editor will open in HTML tab, because I have left it there.

When I want a line break, I switch to the HTML tab, and enter the code for a line break, "<br />".

There is an easier way, if you simply go to the HTML tab, then hit enter.

You will get a line break, the editor will insert the code for you (though you will not see it).

Do not forget to immediately go back to the Visual tab,
or you may well end up with an incomprehensible mess.

If you ever desire to enter HTML code, this is the official page to look it up at:

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,