How Many Votes In A Green Party Victory?


If Jill gets 1-3%, we can be fairly certain to get at least 2% more next cycle.
If we get 5%, this time or next, the 22 million in matching funds would far more than double all GP US federal campaign funds to date.

Coming into this year, 80% of the voting public still has not heard of us, $22 million would definitely change that drastically.

It is safe to say that breaking the 3% margin will easily get us to 5% next time, due to people who support us and are waiting for us to break a minimal threshold.
5% means being the foremost "third" party in over a century, and a substantial showing the following run.

History has it's variables, hindsight is 20×20, and no one knows who will win our next nomination;
but we have already shown good judgement this time in that we considered Roseanne Barr,
who I like and consider at least as good as Nader in her own way,
and then chose Jill's substance over Barr's celebrity
(which celebrity did help get us way more exposure than her staunch opponents would concede).

Look at what the Progressive Party was able to accomplish without ever seating a President (except the Bull Moose Party's General Teddy),
40 hour week, child labor, et cetera…

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,



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