Please Help Guide Design for The Next WIGP & Local GP Website Theme(s)

I need your 30 second gut reaction to which of these pages feels best.
Do not look at the content, or how many options are offered, just consider how it feels to look at.
Is it easy on the eyes? easy on the mind? is it pleasant to look at but also clear and easy to navigate?
If there are visual elements from two or more that you prefer, which are they?

Which has your favorite color scheme? which has the best layout?
Which graphic elements, pictures, font, font color, borders, et cetera do you like?

Please send this back to me at, rank your favorite three or four by marking a number next to them.
More importantly, tell me what you do or do not like, or how you feel about each one, as much as you can.

This last one has 8 choices of header picture, which load randomly.
Reload the page, or go to a couple different pages, one of them lists all the header pics.
Disregard the color of the title of the site, which can be changed to contrast well with the best set of pics.

Which headers are best?
Rank your first 3 or 4 choices, list number of picture, then ranking, or just list the numbers in order of preference.

Monte Letourneau – Necedah WI,,,


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